What we do

MAAS Consulting helps telecom operators and vendors manage their products through the lifecycle process from idea creation to deployment to discontinuation. With Prince2 knowledge and certification, we can manage projects of different sizes in different IT and telecom technology areas (e.g. 3G/4G, WiMAX and OSS/BSS).

Our Global experience in IT and telecom markets and technologies and from different projects in Europe, North America, Latin America, and China, will benefit operators and vendors position their products and services in their target markets.

Our experience is unparalleled in sourcing the best IT and telecoms people in major projects and have proven track records in sourcing IT disciplines as varied as Programme Managers to Helpdesk Analysts through Software Engineers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Network / Systems Administrators and anything IT related in between.

We reduce the risks, costs and delays associated with identifying, recruiting and vetting high quality IT specialists required for different IT/telecoms projects.